My Story

Welcome to my page.  I would like to tell you a little bit about who I am.

My name is Yvonne Falckh and I have been a Civil Celebrant since 2005.

I have lived in the Northern Territory much of my life.  I’ll leave you to guess the years.  I have two sons, two stepsons and 7 grandchildren.


I was educated in Darwin doing my primary school and High school studies in Darwin.  I am a registered nurse and midwife and once again my studies were completed in Darwin, at Darwin Hospital and Royal Darwin Hospital.  I attended University in Darwin and Interstate to obtain two degrees including a Master’s of Science.  Yes I am still working full time.


I am sure you are asking yourself.. why would someone want to be a Celebrant?  Good question.

I decided to become a celebrant primarily to be able to officiate at weddings.  I wanted to be part of something  exciting, special and heart-warming.  It is such a special privilege to be part of a couples most important day of their lives.  I am pleased to say that being a celebrant allows me to be part of many happy events that touch people’s lives.


As a celebrant do you use standard pre written ceremonies that couples can decided which ceremony they want?  No, I don’t use preformed or standard ceremonies.  Let me explain how I work.

When a couple decide that they would like me to be part of their special day by writing and delivering their wedding ceremony, I go through an extensive process to better know who is this couple intending to wed.  I ask many questions to give me the material necessary to write the wedding ceremony from scratch.  Questions like – How did you meet?, What do you love about each other?, What will this marriage mean to you? , What are your aspirations for the future?,  Do you have any funny instances/stories that I may be able to write into the ceremony?  Do you want to incorporate any customs or traditions into the ceremony?

Once I have this information I then develop a draft ceremony, which is reviewed by the couple.  I make any requested changes and incorporated any other ideas into the draft ceremony.  This process continues until the couple and myself are happy with what has been written.


As a celebrant do you only do weddings?  Another good question – No I don’t only do weddings.

As a Celebrant I am able to participate in many special events that touch people’s lives.  Some of those events are:

  • Renewal of Vows – It is a beautiful experience to be part of a couples repeat declaration of love to each other.

  • Baby naming ceremonies -   Some families do not Baptise/Christen their children yet they want a celebration of their child’s birth and name they have bestowed upon them.  It is so lovely to be involved in such occasions.

  • Commitment Ceremonies – this may be the commitment of two people that love each other, but do not wish to actually marry, or may not legally marry, have the opportunity to declare their commitment to each other before family and friends. I look forward to the day when same sex couples will have the same rights as other heterosexual couples and actually be able to legally marry.

  • Any celebration of life that individuals or couples wish to have a  party and a ceremony.  One is only limited by one’s imagination.


The opportunity to work with a couple to develop a ceremony that reflects who they are and what they wish for, for their future, is amazing and rewarding.  I look forward to continuing this positive experience in my life.


If you would like to contact me individually please complete the contact box otherwise please contact me on 0418 835 435. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks! Message sent.